Wilderness First Aid for the Adventurer

Upcoming WFA Courses

Are you prepared in the event of an illness or injury in the outdoors?

If you are one of the many active people who hike, bike, camp, fish, hunt, ski, run rivers, climb or pursue other outdoor adventures but don’t have medical training, our Wilderness Life Support wilderness first aid training is designed for you.

WFA Certification Courses

Traditional Course:
In-person, 2-day course with classroom lectures and hands-on practical skills instruction.

Hybrid Course:
The Hybrid Wilderness Life Support WFA course combines online learning modules with one day of in-person, hands-on instruction.

Upcoming Courses

WFA Online Learning Modules

Complete our online education modules based on your subjects of interest, without the commitment of certification.

We offer a range of wilderness first aid topics such as wound management, bleeding and shock, and water treatment in the wilderness.

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