WLS Faculty

Our faculty are responsible for the development of the Wilderness Life Support program including the textbook and lecture materials. They have extensive experience in Wilderness Medicine and their professional affiliations include prominent teaching universities, the US military, search and rescue organizations and the Wilderness Medical Society.

David Della-Giustina, MD, FAWM

David Della-Giustina is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine in the Yale School of Medicine. He is the Education Section Chief, Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director and the Wilderness Medicine Fellowship Director. His interest in Wilderness Medicine was developed as an active duty Army emergency physician with the skills and experience needed in the deployed and combat setting. He has deployed to Iraq twice and Afghanistan twice as a member of US Special Operations Command where he was awarded the Combat Medical Badge. He retired with over 29 years of active duty service and started his civilian career at Yale where he initiated education and training in Wilderness Medicine and initiated the Wilderness Medicine Fellowship. He is the Medical Director for AWLS and has been a primary author and senior editor of the Wilderness Life Support course. He also helped to develop the Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) and Basic Wilderness Life Support (BWLS) courses. He is involved with the Wilderness Medical Society as a member of the Research Committee and the FAWM program review committee.

Steven Roy, MD, FAWM

Dr Roy is a former search and rescue EMT and, now, a physician in Calgary, AB. He completed medical school at McGill University and an initial residency in Internal Medicine in Thunder Bay, before eventually training in critical care medicine. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and holds 4 post-graduate medical diplomas in austere medicine including 3 core and specialty Diplomas in Mountain Medicine and a Diploma in Remote and Offshore Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He is the Co-Program Director of the McGill University Resident Physician Elective in Wilderness Medicine and Specialty Diploma in Wilderness and Expedition Medicine. He sits on both the Medical Committee of the International Commission of Alpine Rescue and the Executive Committee of the International Society for Mountain Medicine. He teaches about wilderness medicine and mountain medicine education internationally, has authored numerous peer reviewed articles and book chapters, and has won several international awards for his work in wilderness medicine. When he is not working or teaching, he is an avid sea-kayaker, ice-climber, and high-altitude mountaineer.

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