Lightning Injuries & Prevention




Often beautiful in appearance, lightning is the second leading cause of natural outdoor deaths. Learn the causes of lightning, avoidance of lightning strikes and treatment of injuries.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the appropriate use of lighting rods and how they work
  • Outline what parts of the world experience the most lightning strikes
  • Describe when most lightning occurs in relation to storms
  • Describe the cause of skin manifestations of a lightning strike
  • Outline the different types of lighting that can injure a human
  • Outline appropriate medical therapy for victims of a lightning strike
  • Describe the different types of lighting, including positive and negative lightning
  • Describe the various injuries associated with a lightning strike
  • Describe the long-term sequelae associated with a lighting strike
  • Describe how to avoid lightning  
  • Outline common myths associated with lightning

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