Wilderness Wound Management




Skin wounds are the most common of all skin injuries.  Some are simple abrasions, while some can be life threatening.  The management of wounds can be as simple as applying a bandage, but others require rapid evaluation and treatment. This module describes the various methods to use, as well as other important information necessary for the management of wound for the wilderness traveler.


Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe how to classify burns
  • Explain the appropriate methods for treating burns
  • Outline the different types of skin injuries
  • Describe the various methods used to stop bleeding
  • Understand the proper method to clean wound
  • Describe the appropriate methods to dress wound
  • Describe how to recognize and treat infections in the skin
  • Explain when to evacuate a patient because of a skin wound
  • Outline the methods to prevent blister formation
  • Describe the appropriate methods to treat blisters
  • Understand the management of finger amputation

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